Bengal Cattery Mataglani

The first time I saw a Bengal cat, I fell in love with these remarkable creatures straight away. Soon after that I had one at home with me, purring, and two years later, after much Internet research and conversations with breeders both in Germany and abroad, the first litter of Bengal kittens was born.

Since then, a lot has happened, and my life is now dedicated to keeping and breeding these cats.

I breed spotted, rosetted and marbled in brown and silver — but above all I rear Bengals from sheer love of the breed.

My breeding programme has been inspected by the veterinary office and approved in accordance with article 11 of the German Animal Welfare Act (Tierschutzgesetz, TierSchG).

Stefan Schäfer


Standards and great responsibility

Through targeted selection and mating of Bengal cats, my aim is to achieve the closest possible approximation to my breeding goals:

an authentic, wild appearance together with the gentle character of a domestic cat — well balanced and completely distinctive; short, smooth, glossy and extraordinarily soft fur with high contrast and glitter; First and foremost, the animals must be in good health and have a sound temperament.


I also place great value on my Bengal kittens being very cuddly and affectionate towards humans. The best conditions for this result can only be provided by a home breeding programme in a family environment. For this reason, all my Bengals live with me in the house, are free to move around and, of course, have plenty of safe havens.

From birth to handovere

The Bengal kittens will be 13 weeks old before they join their new family. This is a long time for the "new parents" to wait. From my own experience, I completely understand how these weeks seem to drag. You can therefore come and visit your little four-legged friends at any time. On my website, you will also find regularly updated photos and videos documenting the Bengal kittens' first steps into a new, exciting life, which should make the waiting period a bit more bearable.

And I can promise you that the weeks will simply fly by for your Bengal kitten. Without overstimulating the baby cats, we ensure they are exposed to a wide variety of experiences over the course of the 13 weeks: unfamiliar people, children of all ages, laid-back dogs, everyday noises and regular visits to the vet prepare the little Bengal cats for the new life that lays ahead.

As before handover, so after

As before handover, so after Once you and your kitten have started the new chapter in your life, I will, of course, still be on hand with advice and support for you. High standards and great responsibility don't just end after 13 weeks.