Purchase Information

Thank you for your interest in my Bengal cat breeding programme.

Please call me or send me an email. I will be delighted to answer your questions or arrange a personal appointment.
A personal visit would let you to get to know Mataglani at your leisure.

An important element is the contract and indeed the most frequently asked question is: How much does a Bengal cat cost?
My kittens find their new admirers starting at 1.500 euros. Bengal kittens for breeding starting at 2.000 euros.

The kittens are ready for handover at 13 weeks of age, at this point they have been completely vaccinated, micro-chipped and repeatedly de-wormed.
Once the kittens have then had their obligatory "full medical" from the vet, a new, exciting life will begin for you and your kitten.

Besides the pedigree certificate from TICACats e.V., you will also receive special food for the first few days.

If you have questions or need help at any time, please call me — I will be happy to help.
High standards and great responsibility do not come to an end after just 13 weeks.

Our cats and kittens can also be shipped internationally, if desired, from Frankfurt Airport.